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The Foldex





Medium in size, well-developed musculature,  medium to heavy boning. Wide chest, rather low on its legs, with well-proportioned overall appearance.

LEGS & PAWS– Legs strong, short, well developed muscles and forelegs straight. Paws rounded and firm. Toes close together, not splayed, five in front and four in back.

TAIL – Medium, in proportion with the length of the body, thick and flexible



SHAPE – Broad skull, round and massive head and rounded forehead. Cheeks are prominent on the female and full on the male. Short muzzle, powerful jaws, maxillaries reflecting proper bite. The neck is short and powerful with good muscle tone.

EARS – Small with rounded tip. Ears have a fold forward in a downward or slightly below direction. Ears are set far apart and low on the head.

EYES – Large, round, set far apart, wide open producing a sweet expression. Eye colour is to correspond with coat colour.

NOSE – Short nose with a concave curve and break.



SHORTHAIR – Short, plush, even, soft and silky in texture, sufficiently dense to stand out from the body.

LONGHAIR – Medium to long hair, soft, glossy, full of life, standing out from the body due to its density.



All colors and patterns, and combinations are accepted.



The ideal Foldex leaves the expression of an alert and healthy cat. A balanced cat will show an harmony of desing throughout.