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The First kittens of Béluga and Ilysha are born this july 12th  2020!

The're already reserved or in  evaluation for a breedong program.

Those in  evaluation might become availaible on a later date.

We'll  update their status if it changes and we'll post photos for your plesure to see the babies.

Don't be too disapointed, we plan more litters in autumn as our youngest females will be ready to become mamas for the forst time.

All the kittens we currently have are chocolate carriers.



White female, hair lenght to determine: RESERVED

Tortie female, hair lenght to determine: RESERVED

Blue-cream female, hair lenght to determine: STAYS WITH US

Blue classic tabby male, hair lenght to determine: IN EVALUATION




Stay tuned for new kittens to come in autumn!


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